TAKFA offers an exclusive Installation and Commissioning Service. We offer world class engineering services for installation and up-gradation of Steel Plants, Steel Plant Installation Services. We provide a complete solution regarding steel plants installation, managements, modernization, project implementation, and several other services to our precious clients as per detailed specification given by them. We cover all the aspects of clients like making plant layout, the arrangement of necessary machines, construction and etc. Our experienced and flexible site team ensure the project from installation through to final commissioning, is managed safely, efficiently and on schedule. Each site installation is thoroughly planned to ensure project timetables are met. We have the experience to resolve any related difficulties that may arise with minimal impact to the project.
Our approved Installation Team and Dedicated Project Manager ensure the construction phase of your project runs smoothly. We work closely with our clients and site contractors to plan and execute all site installations efficiently.
At TAKFA, through the extensive range of the services we offer for both maintenance and electromechanical industrial applications, we are capable of undertaking a revamp or rehabilitation project and executing repairs and upkeep, including pipeline rehabilitation, pipe support implementation and wider plant maintenance.