AEROCOM, A WORLD-RENOWNED PNEUMATIC TUBE SYSTEMS MANUFACTURER, IS REPRESENTED IN 80 COUNTRIES AROUND THE GLOBE. Made in Germany, Aerocom is a world leader in manufacturing modern pneumatic tube systems and internal logistics. We have the experience and expertise to custom design solutions for virtually any application in pneumatic materials logistics. We can provide special technical solutions to meet individual customer specifications. Items weighing anywhere from 1 gram to 28 kilograms, up to 30 cm in diameter and up to 50 cm in length can be transported in a pneumatic tube system. In this category you can find a whole lot of things: hot steel samples, spare parts, documents, X-ray films, coins, bank notes, oil, etc.
Khorasan Steel Company
It was an industrial project in one of the major steel plants in Iran. In this project was used a 4-1 diverter and a blower capable of creating both negative and positive pressure. Total tubing length was +300 meters and the longest distance from the laboratory was 155 meters (60 meters was vertical).
Arvand Jahan Ara Steel Co
Equipped with EAF, LF, CCM and VD, Jahan Ara Steel was set to produce high quality steel and to help them achieve that in an efficient manner, 500 meters of stainless tubing was used to transport the samples between 5 send/receive stations. The complete project was launched in mid of 2022.
Iran Alloy Steel Co
As an upgrading project named "Yazd 1" IASCO took action to equip new steel melting plant with PTS system through one zone consisting of 4 stations from Lab to CCM, LF & EAF furnaces by application of 700 m stainless steel tubing.
Other projects
1 Farhikhtegan Hospital 2 zone 24 station
2 Qaem Hospital 1 zone 12 station
3 Mobarakeh Steel Company 2 zone 26 station
4 Takht-e-Jamshid Hospital 2 zone 24 station
5 Amiralmomenin Hospital 2 zone 20 station
6 Milad Hospital 2 zone 24 station
7 Noor Hospital 1 zone 12 station
8 Heshmatye Hospital 2 zone 19 station
9 Omid Hospital 2 zone 19 station
10 Emam Hossein Hospital 2 zone 26 station
11 Women Hospital 3 zone 28 station
12 Aftab Hospital 2 zone 15 station
1 Sina Hospital 2 zone 11 station
2 INII 4 zone 36 station
3 East Hospital 2 zone 16 station
4 Milad Hospital 2 zone 34 station
5 Pars Hospital 2 zone 20 station
6 Emam Reza Hospital 3 zone 52 station
7 Shariati-2 Hospital 6 zone 68 station
8 Mahdi Clinic Hospital 7 zone 61 station
9 National Cancer Center Hospital 2 zone 28 station
10 Al-Badoor Hospital (Bagdad-Iraq) 1 zone 12 station
11 Basrah Hospital (Iraq) 2 zone 22 station